Lovincom Ovunque

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We are looking for excellent young talents, extremely passionate for the Digital World, willing to be part of a growing reality with projects in Europe.

The person in this job will be managing directly small projects from A to Z, reporting directly to the management of the company.

The job is an internship position with the opportunity of being hired within the company. During the internship the person will be exposed to several trainings.

Basic Skills required:
– Advanced English in all areas.
– Office Package / Mac Package
– Passion for learning.
– Good Writing skills

Optional Skills:
– Previous experience as Project Manager.
– Experience in other online projects (i.e. Social Media, Blogging, etx)
– Knowledge of the basics of SEO, Blogging, Marketing Online
– French

Location: “Virtual”.
(We are a “Virtual” Company)

We will reply only to CVs that match the above profile.